Supporting the financial wellbeing of your employees

Thousands of workers are suffering financial hardship as a result of Covid-19, with many receiving a reduced income due to the government furlough scheme. With more than one third of those in full-time work concerned about losing their jobs in the future, it is up to employers to support their employees as best they can.

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If they are feeling stressed and uneasy it is likely that your employees will be having trouble sleeping at home, which means that they will perform poorly at work. By supporting the financial wellbeing of your employees, they will become more engaged whilst regaining a sense of control over their life decisions.

Covid-19 has impacted most businesses and many will not have any spare cash lying around, so the best way to help your employee’s feel more financially secure?

Introduce an employee benefit scheme - ours is free!

Our employee benefit scheme, Reward Me Now, offers employees access to competitive discounts at over 120 UK brands, so they can save money on their every day spend. Regular use of the platform can result in great savings being made over the year – some employees have saved over £400 annually! 

These kinds of perks are beneficial to an employee’s mental and financial wellbeing – they can save money that they would not otherwise have been able to, whilst feeling more recognised and appreciated by their employers. 

With Reward Me Now, employees can save on all aspects of their daily spend. This is how we can help stretch your employees’ budgets further:

1. Weekly food shop

We offer discounts at the 4 big supermarkets – you can even order ASDA groceries online and have them delivered to your door at a discounted price! Since we’re all spending a lot more time sat around the dinner table, we know how important it is to make sure you can provide a hearty meal for your family. You’re going to do the big shop once a week anyway… so why not save every time you go? It all adds up over the course of a few months. 

2. Home Improvements

We’ve all probably spent more time at home than we ever have done before, and so we’ve all noticed those odd jobs that need doing. With discounts available for brands such as Argos, B&Q and TK Maxx, your employees can spruce up their homes without spending a fortune and feeling guilty for it. Happy home life = happy work life. 

3. Entertainment

It’s important that your employees switch off once their working day is done. With brands such as Sky Store and Spotify, your staff can save on their monthly subscriptions as well as on their new TV with discount at Curry’s! By allowing them access to these discounts, you are helping your employees to make easier lifestyle choices.

4. A well-earned night out

Your employee can also enjoy a night out on the town, whilst also saving money! With discounts available for brands such as All Bar One, Greene King and Pizza Express, workers can enjoy a rare night out without the worry of checking their bank balance the next morning. 

Our discounts can be stacked on top of other offers, so your employees can often make even bigger savings!

Improve employee retention & recruitment within your business...

For just a one-off payment of £250, you can have your very own bespoke version of the app, with tailored email communications alongside your organisation’s brand guidelines. Your staff would have access to their own dashboard reports, with your organisation’s top-bar logo displayed on each page within the app. 

Having your very own, personalised reward scheme would be a great selling-point when recruiting potential employees, as well as showing your current employees how appreciated they are. 

If you’d like to give your employees some financial support, get in touch here.

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