Reward your staff without any expense to your business!

By having an engaged workforce your employees will be more productive and motivated, which in turn means that your business will be more prosperous. 

Unhappy employees can actually be very pricey – the average cost of replacing an employee for a business that hires between 20-49 staff members is approximately £25,100. However, one approach organisations can take to cultivate a more engaged workforce is through employee rewards. 

By having an employee benefit scheme, your staff can profit both mentally and financially from the perks on offer to them. Your staff will feel more valued, and are therefore happier and more productive – saving you and your business money as 80% of workers would keep a job with benefits rather than take on one that offered more pay and no benefits! 

On average, an employee benefit scheme costs businesses thousands of pounds per month. Here at Reward Me Now we believe that both the employee and the employer should benefit, so we offer an employee benefit app completely free of charge to businesses

Our no fuss approach gives employers the opportunity to provide competitve discounts to their staff, helping them save on every day spending and therefore making their salaries go further at a time when financial instability is rife. 

The ongoing pandemic has caused much uncertainty amongst businesses across the UK, from a dramatic decrease in revenue and unexpected redundancies to the majority of the workforce working remotely from home. 

Now is the best time to introduce an employee benefit scheme to boost morale and show your staff how much you value their ongoing hard work. As a result of Covid-19, a lot of businesses will not have the capital to invest in costly employee benefit schemes, so our free platform causes absolutely no strain on the company budget

The advantages of having an employee benefit scheme are boundless, but even more so when it doesn’t cost your business a penny! With Reward Me Now, you can grant your staff their very own rewards scheme that they will undoubtedly benefit from, making them a happier, more motivated and productive workforce. After these last few months, Reward Me Now is exactly what your business and your employees need. 

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