Give your staff some credit!

It’s more important than ever to acknowledge your staff. Now that most businesses are working remotely from home, it’s vital that employers recognise and acknowledge all of the hard work their staff are putting in. 

WFH has become the new normal, and three months ago many of us had never experienced setting up office in our own homes. Here are some top tips on giving your employees the credit they deserve…

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1. Say thank you

We’re all guilty of forgetting to say it. Sometimes, just a simple “thank you” will remind your employees that you do appreciate all of their hard work. It’s quite easy to just let them get on with working from home, but now that we’re no longer a few desks away from them in the office it’s vital that they don’t feel forgotten about or neglected. Giving someone the afternoon off to recognise their hard work or organising after work drinks over Zoom is the perfect way of showing your thanks and keeping workers engaged.

2. Celebrate a milestone!

Whether it’s an anniversary to mark another year of someone working for you, or the end of a successful team project, make sure you mark the occasion! That could be by organising a day out, enjoying lunch together as a group or even a promotion. 

It’s important to remember that recognising and reward staff shouldn’t just be at the end of the year around Christmas time. By implementing these procedures,  you are boosting team moral and encouraging employee retention and engagement. 

3. Introduce an employee benefit scheme like ours!

Our free employee benefit scheme, Reward Me Now, offers your staff discounts of up to 18% at over 120 UK brands. Not only will your employees benefit financially from our rewards app, but by having an employer who actively cares about their wellbeing, they will feel more engaged and appreciated.

Not only that, but with our app you can send credit to your employees! It’s simple, easy and instant – and they can choose where to spend their credit.

Our app also has a gifting feature so that you can send a personalised, instant gift card straight to an employee’s inbox via text or email! You can write a personalised message and either send immediately or schedule for the end of the week, just in time for the weekend.

Alternatively if you wanted to reward your full team, you can purchase a bulk of gift cards to distribute out to everyone. A great idea to keep your staff motivated whilst working from home is to treat them to lunch one day – how about purchasing a block of Just Eat or Uber Eat gift cards? Nothing says thank you more than being treated to lunch in your own home.

We can guarantee Reward Me Now will make your employees feel special – the best gift is giving, after all…

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