Eat Out to Help Out… and be helped out.

The government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme launches today, in a bid to help the hospitality industry after it was drastically impacted financially by Covid-19. The scheme, that runs Monday – Wednesday throughout the whole of August, offers diners up to £10 off per person when they eat out in any participating pub, restaurant, cafe or bar. 

You can search here to see participating restaurants near you – so far 72,000 individual restaurants have signed up across the UK, with over 3.3 million searches on the restaurant finder!

You can eat out as many times as you’d like under the scheme – there are 13 days where you can go out and receive the £10 off discount, so you could save up to £130 by dining at popular eateries such as Wagamama, Pizza Express and Miller & Carter!

And the best bit? Not only are you helping others out, but we can help you out here at Reward Me Now – you can purchase a gift card for many of these participating eateries and save on top of your already discounted food bill! 

Our gift cards are stackable & contactless

If you are planning on dining out as part of the scheme, make sure you purchase one of our gift cards to stack on top of your food bill to cover the rest of the cost.

When you receive the bill at the end of your meal, enter the amount into the app and receive a discounted gift card to cover the outstanding balance. The discounts are instant, so as soon as you receive your code, show your phone to your server who will scan it for you. It’s easy, instant and contactless, so you can save more money whilst making those safe, cash-free payments!

Our gift cards cover all costs, including alcohol and service charges, that aren’t included under the government scheme. So make sure you remember to make those extra savings whilst enjoying all of the delicious meals on offer – you’ll never have this opportunity again…

Our brands that are registered to the Eat Out to Help Out scheme:

Don’t forget to book to avoid disappointment. But more importantly, don’t forget to purchase a gift card through the Reward Me Now app to save even more money. You can Eat Out and Help Out by enjoying plenty of delicious meals,  but it will taste even better knowing that our dicounted gift cards can Help you Out. Bon Appetit!

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  1. The Pizza hut that I went to didnt know how to do the gift cards that i had already purchased because you have to order on your phone and there’s no way off accepting gift card payment. So I had to pay by bank card so now I’m stuck with a gift card.

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