Why employers should encourage staff to take some time off

As remote work continues, it is getting harder to separate work from home. ‘Unplugging’ has proven to be more difficult as many workers use their dining room tables and sofas as offices. Because of this, it is essential that employers insist that their employees take some time off as performance nose-dives when we work for extended periods without a break. Encouraging staff not only to take some time off, but to have a complete change of scenery, is beneficial to both the individual, the company and even the country’s economy – here’s how…

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By experiencing a change of scenery, especially if that is being around nature and the outdoors, an individual’s stress cortisol, blood pressure and heart rate decreases whilst their psychological well-being improves. When a person’s mood is boosted, they in turn become more productive and focused – the main qualities an employer looks for in their employees.

An employer that nourishes the wellbeing of their employees is set to create an engaged workforce, so those that promote staff holidays and time off will benefit as much as the employee themselves. Holidays lower stress, whilst creating greater job satisfaction because they stop employees from reaching burnout. It is worrying then, that 40% of employees take just half of their annual leave, or less’, and nearly a quarter of those that do (23%) regularly check their emails whilst they are away. 

Since most of us are now using our homes as office, it is even easier to check our emails whilst watching TV on a night-time. Removing ourselves from this situation by going away for a few days will therefore eliminate this problem. Not only that, but studies show that those that take more than 10 days of vacation are 30% more likely to receive a pay rise – the chances are that they are more committed and successful employees when they are actually working because they have had that well-needed time off. 

The UK also lost 2 bank holidays in May as a result of Covid-19, so although employees had the day off work, they couldn’t go anywhere due to lockdown restrictions at the time. Because of this, consumer spending dropped by 26.7% compared to May  bank holidays in previous years. Being stuck at home, in the same place where you work, does not feel like a holiday whatsoever. The Centre for Economics and Business Research say that an additional bank holiday in October 2020 could add £500m to the British economy in extra spending, which really emphasises the other benefits of having holidays and days off. 

It’s very easy then, to believe that because employees are not confined to their desks for 8 hours a day in the office and that they are working from home, surrounded by all of the luxuries that come with it, that taking proper time off is not vital. However after the relentless months of working remotely whilst adapting to the ‘new normal’, and not being able to enjoy the bank holidays earlier in the year or go on holiday at all, it is more important than ever to ensure that employees take a proper break. 

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